New Tools Help Neuroscientists Analyze Big DataOn

Big data can mean big headaches for scientists. A new library of software tools from Janelia speeds analysis of data sets so large and complex they would take days or weeks to analyze on a single workstation—if a single workstation could do it at all.



Quick Getaway: How Flies Escape Looming PredatorsOn

Every millisecond counts when a fruit fly is being hunted by a damselfly. Janelia scientists find that fruit flies can deploy two escape behaviors, depending on circumstances.



Janelia Researcher Wins Olympus BioScapes Imaging CompetitionOn

Janelia neurobiologist Igor Siwanowicz wins first prize in the 2013 Olympus BioScape Digital Imaging Competition with a photo that shows the gaping trap of an aquatic carnivorous plant, humped bladderwort about to consume microinvertebrates.