Janelia Researcher Wins Olympus BioScapes Imaging CompetitionOn

Janelia neurobiologist Igor Siwanowicz wins first prize in the 2013 Olympus BioScape Digital Imaging Competition with a photo that shows the gaping trap of an aquatic carnivorous plant, humped bladderwort about to consume microinvertebrates.



Enigmatic Neurons Help Flies Get OrientedOn

Neurons deep in the fly’s brain tune in to some of the same basic visual features that neurons in bigger animals such as humans pick out in their surroundings. The new research is an important milestone toward understanding how the fly brain extracts relevant information about a visual scene to guide behavior.



Ultra-sensitive Calcium Sensors Shine New Light on Neuron ActivityOn

A new protein engineered by scientists at the Janelia Farm Research Campus fluoresces brightly each time it senses calcium, giving the scientists a way to visualize neuronal activity. The new protein is the most sensitive calcium sensor ever developed and the first to allow the detection of every neural impulse.